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Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Story of Igguthappa - in images

The story of Igguthappa is simple and belongs to a local mythology. Six brothers and one sister, celestial beings, arrive upon the Northern Malabar coast. The elder brother (Kanjirath-appa) settles down there and persuades his siblings to move eastward. Two brothers settled near him. The remaining four (Igguthappa, Palur-appa, Ponnangalat-amme, and Thirunelli-Pemmayya) enter Kodagu and settle down in different places. They are welcomed by the Pardanda, Karthanda and other Kodava families in Kodagu.  

These are my sketches for the story:

1. The seven children gods cross the seven seas upon a golden conch shell

2. Kanjirathappa sends his siblings towards Kodagu

3. Ponnangalatamme (in the form of a crane) follows Igguthappa's arrow

4. Pemmayya before the palace with the tigress, the she-bear, and the wild buffalo cow

5. The image of Igguthappa

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